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One Penny Rock Sculpting

Frank's passion for a challenge is what started him on his journey to hobby sculpting.  One day he was admiring a beautifully carved rock bear by a Sculptor in the Columbia Valley in BC.  Jerry introduced Frank into the world of hard rock sculpting with Calcium Sulphate Anhydrite which is a fairly hard rock.  3.5 on the hardness scale compared to 1 mohs for Soapstone.  In order to sculpt this rock, diamond powered tools were necessary to work with it.  At the time Frank purchased the tools that were required to get by, and has since then, upgraded to better and sometimes the best tools in the business in order to test himself to the next level.

In 2008 He participated in a workshop where he used a softer rock with a 2-3 mohs in hardness. This rock he was carving with was a serpentine rock that was mined in Zimbabwe.

I have created affordable sculptures for over 15 years.  The quality of my sculptures have improved since I first started in 2006.

Below are just a few samples of his Sculptures.  Commissions Welcome.


If you're interested in purchasing any of my Sculptures or perhaps need something special carved or repaired please contact me ( or below are a few locations where my Sculptures can be purchased.

The Painted Moose in Bragg Creek Alberta

Art Country Canada in Canmore, Alberta

Magnolia in Jasper, Alberta

Village Arts, Invermere BC

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