Frank Bitonti  ~ Sculptor  ~ Est 2006
Wooden Hut
Signatute Tree 2008.JPG



Including Stone Sculpture repairs

Heart within Heart.JPG
Marble Surface
Sand n sketch Moose

 Sand n Sketch

Est: 2013


Sand"n"sketch was discovered in 2013 and has grown to a world wide phenomenon which has pleased buyers and students from all over.


Est: 2006


One Penny Rock Sculpting was established in 2006.  Frank started sculpting as a hobby which turned into a full time passion.  His Art is shared and enjoyed all around the world.  His Sculptures are of high quality and affordable.  Sand"n"sketch and Honeycomb Calcite Canada are 2 other projects that he has grown in a span of 15 years.

Bison Honeycomb Calcite

Honeycomb Calcite Canada

Est: 2019


Honeycomb Calcite Canada was established in 2019.  Frank purchased a beautiful specimen of Calcite in Arizona and googled the origin and location of the quarry where this rock was quarried.  That led him to become a broker for this amazing rock

 One Penny Rock Sculpting


One Penny Rock Sculpting

Top Achiever.JPG

Frank's passion for a challenge is what started him on his journey to hobby sculpting.  One day he was admiring a beautifully carved rock Bear by a Sculptor in the Columbia Valley in BC.  Jerry introduced Frank into the world of hard rock sculpting with Calcium Sulphate Anhydrite which is a fairly hard rock 3.5 mohs or degree of hardness of the rock compared to 1 mohs for Soapstone.  In order to sculpt this rock, diamond powered tools were necessary to work with it.  At the time Frank purchased the tools that were required to get by, and has since then, upgraded to better and sometimes the best tools in the business in order to test himself to the next level.

His experience with Anhydrite led him by chance to discover a "New Art Form" no one has ever seen which he appropriately named " Sand n Sketch "

In 2017 an opportunity was presented to him to Import some Honeycomb Calcite from Shamrock Mines in Utah.  Today Frank is the Broker of this rock in Canada.  This rock is a semi-precious stone that has many capabilities and is capable of bringing inner peace when around it.   "Honeycomb Calcite Canada"

Last Year a very nice fellow/filmmaker from the UK named Toby Davis created this documentary on my works.  Click on the camera button to view.